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Having extra slots you give you too much room for items ( ie. stacking dorans and building some major items while keeping the dorans ). Really expensive item upgrades would make people either _want_ to get into lategame just to get that "op item", or farm endlessly and have just one item of that kind. But i'd like a ward slot. +2 Item slots - League of Legends Community There have been many thoughts around having 2 extra slots JUST FOR WARDS, the thing is that, part of the strategy behind the game is for the support to choose what they want, an extra item or an open slot for wards, when to put wards and when to have the wards on which champion. how to smartcast, change item order in item slots - League ... Left click a item and hold it, then drag your mouse to the slot that you want the item in and release it. It should appear in that new slot now. For Smartcast, Press ESC -> Key Bindings -> Scroll down till you see "Smart Cast Spell 1" and it's key binding should say "[Shift][q]" click it and change it to "q" Make sure you do that with 2-4 as well.

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Patch/Season Seven | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom powered by Edit Date Patch New Champion Other October 25 2017 [1] V7.21 Harrowing 2017 skins. Galio AP ratios buff. Udyr and Urgot buff. Sejuani and Ardent Censer nerf. Various balance changes. A starter Guide for League of Legends (Part V) - Handleveled When you are about to start a game of League of Legends, you'll be able to pick your champion in the pick/ban phase. We talked about what champions the ggTO | League of Legends

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LOL of Slots League of Legends Mod APK - Download LOL of… LOL de Slots League of Legends são feitas no gráfico Full HD assim que olhar realmente grande em Tablets 7, 8 e 10 polegadas. No menu, você pode encontrar bons artes LOL. Ele tem um novo jogo quente!Agora você pode comparar com todo jogador.