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NATIONAL GAMBLING ACT, 2004 (Act No. 7 of 2004) │ 13 Gambling activities in general An activity is a gambling activity if it involves: (a) placing or accepting a bet or wager in terms of section 4 (1) of this Act; (b) placing or accepting a totalisator bet in terms of section 4 (2) of this Act; or (c) making available for play, or playing

National Gambling Board (NGB) - Overview Overview The mission of the National Gambling Board South Africa (NGB) is to lead the regulation of the gambling industry in the fulfillment of the National Gambling Act (NGA) 7 of 2004 through an effectively regulated and supervised gambling industry that upholds domestic, continental and internationally recognised standards of compliance. National Gambling Board | South Africa's gambling industry ... The National Gambling Board of South Africa released the 2016/17 financial year report which revealed a strong growth in the global gaming revenue (GGR). It rose by 3.8%, with a year-on-year contrast with numerous sectors of the market showing remarkable figures. National Gambling Board’s Affairs in a ‘Sorry State ... National Gambling Board’s Affairs in a ‘Sorry State’ The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has heard that the affairs of the National Gambling Board (NGB) were in a "sorry state", and this is why a forensic report was commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry.

National Gambling Board | South Africa's gambling industry ...

[board] National Gambling Regulator in the prescribed manner and form, to be held by the [board] National Gambling Regulator in trust, pending a decision in terms of subsection (4). (4) Upon receiving any winnings under subsection (3), the [board] National Gambling Regulator must investigate the circumstances of NATIONAL GAMBLING ACT, 2004 (Act No. 7 of 2004)

By its very nature, gambling in some sectors of society remains a controversial issue, although independent research commissioned by the National Gambling Board shows that 73% of South Africans believe gaming is acceptable, and 89% do not have a moral, philosophical or religious objection to this form of entertainment.

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A gambling Problem Hurts .... The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) provides Free and Confidential Treatment and Counselling to ...

Economic impact of legalised gambling in south... Presentation on theme: "ECONOMIC IMPACT OF LEGALISED GAMBLING IN SOUTH AFRICA, SINCE 1994 NATIONAL GAMBLING BOARD."—27 RATINGS OF SOUTH AFRICA’S GAMBLING POSITION World Ranking (2000) GNI/capita 91 GGT/capita 28 GGY/capita 38 GCY/capita 17 Lottery... Is there a minimum legal age to gamble in South Africa? Legal South African Online Casino Sites for 2019. The NGB or as they are also known the National Gambling Board is responsible for overseeing and regulating the land based gaming venues in South Africa. NGB - National Gambling Board (South Africa) |… NGB is defined as National Gambling Board (South Africa) very frequently.NGB stands for National Gambling Board (South Africa). South African National Gambling Board’s Caroline Kongwa.